environement-protection doctor


1988-1990 training to the environment-protection-doctor with ÖAK-diploma environment - medicine, Austrian physicians-chamber, department for environment-protection, with essential contents: juridical and environment-medical bases, meteorology and klimate, smell, mold-fungi;public bath hygiene, foods and pollutants, drinking waters;  Institute for hygiene of the University of Graz and the University of Innsbruck; electromagnetic fields, environment and skin, pest control, incinerators, old-loads;air-pollutant-sources, residential-area, effects on ground, plants and the persons, indoor-polution and building-ecologics; waste-law, medical garbages, self composting, waste-treatment-forms, residential-construction; radioactivity, sound-technology, noise-judgment, MCS/ CFS, international activities,

sport physician