Medizinalrat Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER

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·  F. Silberbauer,  Radiosensitizing by heavy atoms – Approach to a new more efficient radiation therapy.
CURRICULUM oncologicum 5/95, 02

· F. Silberbauer, Steel catalysts – environment steel with future.
environment-journal, 1/1992, page 39

·  F. Silberbauer, How environment-friendly could already be cars in the next future?
environment-journal, 3/1992, page 14

·  F. Silberbauer, How environment-friendly could be trucks?
environment-journal, 5/1992, page 45

· F. Silberbauer, The refuse dump - last stop of an unsolved problem? 
environment-journal, 8/1992, page 15

·F. Silberbauer,  Are the fire-clearings of the rain-forest able to be prevented?
environment-journal, 1/1993, page 42

· F. Silberbauer, How environment friendly could be a magnet suspension-train?
environment-journal, 3/1993, page 42

·      F. Silberbauer, Traffic- lights of the future and the fuzzy logic. 
environment-journal, 4/1993, page 33

·      F. Silberbauer, Co-smoking - a sozial problem?
environment-journal, 5/1993, page 26

·      F. Silberbauer, Is the ozone hole-castastrophe inevitable?
environment-journal, 6/1992, page 42

·      F. Silberbauer, Heavy atoms in a tumour are like a bomb in a tree!
docotorīs week, Onkologie, 16.02.1994, page 23

·      F. Silberbauer, To the immune-tolerance at organ-transplantions.
 docotorīs week, Nr. 4, page 6