by environment- doctor Obermedizinalrat Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER


How environment- friendly could already be cars in the next future

In this report is described a very environment- friendly car, how it will exist already in the next time, if all participants try it.


It is right, that electro-cars are environment-friendly, if the energy for it comes from the sun. However but then, if the reach and speed concerning to the car-weight are big enough, much people will buy it.

At the present the best compromise for a car looks as follows:

1.) A thrifty combustion-motor with catalyst,

2.) Beside it an electric motor with a not too heavy battery,

3.) Extensive sun-cells on the car, which also on tarnish days bring more as 50 watt power.

And now something, what is very important: with the energy of this sun- cells, which is collected in the battery at the standing, could one move electrically forward on day into the jam, because the standing-time is long enough and the acceleration-phases are short enough. The remaining time one rolls with drive momentum and needs no drive energy, while however further energy is collected. That lets itself arithmetically with help of the watt-second-equivalent of standing-time and acceleration-time easily retrace. The exhaust-free driving in the jam (in the city very often) will be for motorists and adjacent people very agreeable, moreover also cheap and quiet.

 Later can the energy out of induction-bow-tracks be taken out of the street-blanket, at which the induction-bows are only there activated, where a corresponding electronic marked car drives, that the energy over a reception-bow picks up touch-free and utilizes it. This problem could be solved with help of simple chips.

 Thereby are then not so big batteries needed, and in exhaust-free zones one doesn't need to abstain form ventilator or heater. The inductive energy-reception can be measured in the car by a current-counter, and the counter-condition can be transferred wireless into an account-centre, after which the charging-off over a bank-account follows.

 Also taxi-drivers will greet at the taxi-rank-place this new system, likewise car-owners without garage, if the charging of the battery goes on the one hand inductively and on the other hand photovoltically.

 However, before the inductive energy-transfer right has ripened, will be for us the energy of the car-roof and from in development being solar-car-windows a very desired and welcome additive-equipment, especially there, where cars are long under free sky and collect energy.