by environment-doctor Obermedizinalrat Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER

Co-smoking - a social problem?

In this report an improved solution statement for the air-pure-carriage in lounges and residential-areas is shown.

Again and again we experience following: smoking neighbours ventilate their rooms, and instead of fresh, clean air comes cold smoke into the ventilated bedroom, really disgusting for each not-smoker, if this happens day by day! However also, if something burns at the cooking, it could become a smell-persecution for the neighbour on such ways.

 The solution-suggestion: an efficient air-wash-device, which works extensive maintenance-free and is from time to time dust-sensor-leaded automatically or additional by hand switched on. This wash-device should also have an automatic flowing-to and flowing-off, at which a water-muddiness sensor acts as the leading-unit.  To prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi a sometimes activated UV-light-chamber, through which the cleaning-water gets rolled round, hold the water sterile.

Altogether the air-wash-device should be so efficiently, that only some minutes to the revolving of the room- and kitchen-air are required. The central-unit should be integrated in the kitchen, should not require too much space and should be noise-capsulated. From here lead exhaust-canals to the different living rooms.

 The success of this device would be for the health of allergists and not-smokers extremely greet-worth, because the air is cleaned from house-dust, pollens, smoke and fungus-spores. Also the frequency of the formation of allergic breath-way-diseases is thereby reduced, and the neighbours are not longer bothered through by ventilation-exhausts, what is greeted by all as a big advance!

Let us hope, that soon a company will be found, which generates such devices!