by environment-doctor Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER

Are the fire-clearings of the rain-forest able to be prevented?

In this report a method is argued, how one could motivate the farmers at the edge of the rain-forest of South America also, to lead no more fire-clearances.


 It is known, that after a fire-clearing the won area for cultivation of field-fruits only for approximately two years has been suitable, because then the meagre humus is exhausted. This circumstance forces the farmers after a short time to further fire-clearings, to obtain living for themselves and their family.

This ruinous exploitation is in the eyes of the nature-protectors and climatologists one of the biggest crimes against the nature of the earth. Till now however, no antidotes are still found.

However, if someone wants to catch the evil at the root, so the solution of the problem looks as follows: with help of airships, how they are used in forest-rich areas of Russia, for the wood-transport, should be conveyed fertile mould to the edge of the rain-forest. This mould should be laid on at present sterile, uncultivated surfaces, whereby the farmers get enough fertile land. With the won field-fruits should then be leaded trade, by which especially the  starving population of the third world should be regarded.

Airships are especially there of biggest benefit, where loads into unapproachable land-areas or over wide routes must be conveyed. So it would be thinkable, that for instance big quantities of food directly from South America into the hunger-areas from Africa are conveyed. This action should, as long as this is necessary, by donations from around the world be supported, as well for the acquisition of airships, purchase and transportation of the mould and purchase of food from the rain-forest-edge-areas, as for transportation into the hunger-zones from Africa and India.

Let us hope, that a big company or world-organization will be found, which urge and organizes this project!