by environment-doctor Obermedizinalrat Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER

ttraffic-lights of the future and the fuzzy-logic

   In this report is the possibility of "thinking" traffic lights shown, which regulate similar to a traffic- policeman the traffic.

AAlready often motorists, bicyclers, and pedestrians felt angry at an on red standing traffic light, because at absent cross traffic they had nevertheless to wait. In an extreme case a whole car- serpent is standing so needless at a red traffic light (o great triumph of technology!). One accepts it, because the electronics command it.

  Unfortunately does not exist a motor-stop-indicator on the traffic lights, which tells us, when we should better stop the motor, and this brings the unfortunate situation, that a great quantity of exhausts is produced unnecessarily, because we miss an important information.

  The solution of this problem looks as following: by the development of processors for the traffic light technology, which operate by means of the Fuzzy-logic. This is a new computer-software, what is able to react similar as a human being: when no cross traffic exists, the traffic light remains at green, at only few cross traffic it goes only shortly to red, when much cross traffic exists, then it remains the now usual time at red. One needs for this various sensors, f.i.. light barriers or induction loops, which register the different rush of traffic. One is able to import into the Fuzzy-logic the necessary behaviour-rules at which it can follow for the contentment of all human beings. Motor-stop-indicators tell us besides yet in addition, when we should stop the motor or let it better run.

  It is naturally clear, that one cannot change all things from today to tomorrow, but with some good will a motor-stop-indicator would be able to be realized yet now, and big electronic concerns could in a short time construct the necessary programs. The traffic gets thereby liquid, traffic stoppages dissolve earlier, and also the adjacent people are more content.