by Obermedizinalrat Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER

Heavy atoms in a tumour are like a bomb in a tree


Through storage of heavy elements in the tissue the radiation-therapeutic effect could be improved. 

Dr. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER:  "without heavy-atoms the biggest part of a high-voltage-radiation goes simple through the tissue through.”

  "Become heavy atoms storaged in a tumour, increases itself the focal dose, and the tissue before and behind the malignoma is more spared," so Dr. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER, specialist for nose-, ear and throat therapeutics, Vienna.

 SILBERBAUER is occupied since 1974 with radiance-physics and noticed, that at the radio-therapy emerging Compton-scattered-radiation and photo-effects for the tumour-treatment could become exploited. His theory is based on general physical bases: Ever higher the energy of the incident radiance is, the bigger is the probability for Compton-effects. At low energies photo-effects rather originate.

 Compton- or photo-effects in the tissue

 At Compton-effects it comes to the interaction between the radiation (the photons) and the met atom. A part of the energy is transferred to a loosely tied electron, which as a so called secondary-electron flies off. The difference-energy-amount gets remaining as photo-energy, becomes however radiated off as compton-scattered-radiation in an altered direction. Thereby become further Compton effects induced, so long, until the energy is too low and the photon is absorbed in form of a photo-effect. At the photo-effect the photon transfers all its energy to an atom, what thereupon hurls out an electron.

SILBERBAUER:  "If now a photo-effect or a Compton effect appears, depends now firstly on the energy of the radiation and secondly on the mass respectively on the ordinal number of the met atoms." It is a question of a statistical event: Brings one heavy-atoms into a tissue in, then can more electrons be out-hurled by high energetic compton effects, and the probability for a photo-effect climbs- in fact with the fourth potency of the ordinal-number.

 Naturally also Compton-scattered-rays appear. The heavy-atoms work however how antennas for this radiation, catch it off and absorb the energy in form of photo-effects. SILBERBAUER:  "The electrons, which are thereby out-hurled, lead in the immediate atom-vicinity, where it is desired, to cell-damages. By chromosome-fractures and destruction of the chemical bindings the tumour-cells become irreversibly damaged, and the tissue before and behind the tumour becomes spared." It comes to an amplification-effect, therefore could be lowered also the primary radiance-dose.

 These effects did the radiance-therapists, so SILBERBAUER, up to now not heed:  "without heavy-atoms the biggest part of a high-voltage-therapy goes simple through the tissue through and there originate as primarily-effect mainly low-energetic compton-effects. The tumour becomes fewer damaged and the surrounding tissue more as necessary." Through the heavy-atom-storage can however the multiplied photo-effects with the originated compton-scattered-rays additional be included.

 One could apply the method of SILBERBAUER at the glioblastoma multiforme (astrocytoma IV) in connection with the high-voltage-therapy or otherwise the Gamma-Knife.

  "This tumour stores contrast-mediums, that are enriched with iodine (ordinal-number 53)," so SILBERBAUER. Through the finger-like processes and the relative poor demarcation to the healthy tissue would namely the glioblastoma for normal radiotherapy by Gamma-knife not come in question.  

 "Brings however someone iodine by the contrast-medium into, so come those by me described effects fully to the carrying." Also other tumours however could be treated with the heavy-atom-supported radiotherapy.

 Heavy-atoms support radiotherapy

 SILBERBAUER describes the effect of high-energetic Compton-effects as follows:  "One could compare this with a tree, on that one shoots with a gun. The bullet goes simply just through. Do I have however a bomb in the tree - in the tumour there would be this heavy-atoms - and I meet this with the gun, then I achieve a corresponding local effect."  

As example SILBERBAUER presented also the event of a boy out of his friend-circle, at whom a brain-tumour was diagnosed:  "based on the localisation and the enhancement at the contrast-medium-supported computer-tomogram was this tumour likely a glioblastoma multiforme. Through haemorrhages it had come to a strong iron-pigment-settlement. Iron belongs with an ordinal-number of 26 to the middle heavy atoms."

 SILBERBAUER induced radiotherapy by telecobalt:  "The administered focal-dose amounted to only 50 Gray, was however nevertheless striking effective."

Twenty-five years later delights the young man furthermore at best health, what the ear-nose-and throat-doctor derives from the action of the by him described effect. This theory becomes also confirmed by Doz. Dr. Herbert STÍRI, Technical University Vienna. The radiance-physicist carried out the energetic calculations for the theme "Compton-scattered-radiation". The radiance therapists however have, so SILBERBAUER, until now either to it not responded or however have given no belief to his explainations, although "the logic of my statement is simple and conclusive."