by environment-doctor Obermedizinalrat Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER

Is the ozone hole-catastrophe inevitable?

 In this report a technical method for the combat  against the intermittently spreading  ozone hole is shown, which can be financed by big economic-communities and medium-termly seen  will lead to success.

It is clear, that the causes for the ozone-hole (halogenated hydrocarbons, halogenated propellant-gases, halones etc.) no longer might be set free, because they dismantle the ozone in the upper air-stratums in 20 until 30 kilometres height.  

But the already set free halogen-containing pollutants will lead over decades away by diffusion into the upper air-stratums still furthermore to the enlargement of the ozone-hole, with un-foreseeable consequences to the plant-world and wildlife and on us human beings.  Because at shortage of ozone in the upper air-area the short-wavy ultraviolet rays penetrate down to the ground, damage each creature and generate here at existence of nitrogen-oxides and gaseous hydrogen carbons multiplied ozone. Also the vicious tumours of the skin increase by the radiance-effect. The other free set hydrocarbons carry high above beside carbondioxyde to the hothouse effect. This leads by shortage of rain to the change of our climate; it originates steppes and deserts, where previously greenland was (Sahel-zone!). It is therefore pointless and even dangerous, to introduce hydrocarbons extra into the upper air-stratums for the decrease of the ozone-dismantling, how some scientists have put to the discussion.  

The solution of the problem looks as follows: helium-carried airships in 20 until 25 km height, that are coated by thin-laminated sun-cells and possess at the underside a big multiple reception-antenna for energy-transferring coherent microwaves, should lead an air-cleaning-device with themselves. This device is equipped with a molecular-filter for hydrocarbons and enrich the cleansed air with ozone. The drive-type is natural electric. The liquefying of the hydro carbons is at the above reigning cold no big problem. They are pumped into pressure-receptacles and thrown off over suitable areas at parachutes.  

The waste-disposal of the halogenated and not halogenated hydrocarbons shall then to the best together with different combustibles in oxygen-doted, catalyst-supported incinerators follow, because these produce no toxic final-products (Cinders, filter-dust, exhausts). 

If we want therefore, that our children and child-children without ultra-violet- combustions can enjoy the free nature, then we must begin necessarily now with the above described activities.