by environment-doctor Obermedizinalrat Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER

Steel catalysts – environment steel with future


Until now the ceramics catalysts, which have been coated by platinum and rhodium, were our ace at the improvement of the exhaust quality, what hardly somebody will doubt. However, likewise coated steel-lamella-catalysts offer advantages, which are not to be ignored:

 They have a bigger transit-cross-section, because the steel lamellas are thinner, whereby a much smaller energy-loss by inferior transit, resistance results.

 They can reach much more quickly the necessary operating temperature because of their inferior heat-capacity. They are thermostat-regulated additional whirl-current-heatable, what at the cold-start is a clear advantage.  

They are easily able to be recycled, because by electrotype-technology the platinum and rhodium can be won back again off the current-conductible steel, and the steel can be melted down.

 By laying-on of a positive electric potential at the steel-catalyst the electron-transference can be increased for the purpose of oxidation.

 Also big-incinerators can be much more efficiently operated by steel-catalysts.

 Finally remains only to wish, that preferably many companies use the chances and take space off the not recyclable and energy consuming ceramics-catalysts in the future.