von environment-doctor Obermedizinalrat Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER


How environment friendly could be a magnet suspension-train ?

In this report the advantages of the magnet-suspension-technique for us human beings and the environment are shown.

Advantages against the conventional railway:

1.     At very higher velocity results a relative small energy-consumption, because between rail and vehicle no friction exists.

2.     Very smaller noise at high velocity outside an inside the train, for passengers and adjacents likewise interesting.

3.     It originates no closing against game pass, agricultural work and cross traffic, because the rail is mainly leaded on stalks.

4.     During braking the energy is leaded back into the mains, and although the braking and accelerating much faster, surer and more efficiently ensues, no iron-dust originates by rubbing off. Through the rail-embracing leading also derailing is not possible.

Advantages against the aircraft:

1.     No increased altitude-radiation-exposure at the passengers, how it is the fact at aircraft, more life-quality for less money.

2.     Extensive independence of weather-influences, f.i. fog, ice rain, snow and wind, thereby no impairment of the time-table.

3.     This system is able for the transatlantic traffic in a vacuum-tunnel to be projected for yet higher velocities, f.i 3000 kmh, whereby at absent air- resistance the energy-consumption is relative small.

For these above-mentioned reasons it is now the time to give green light for that by development of many years ripened system. Politicians, give yourself yet a jerk in order, that at the middle -and long -distance-traffic the future is able to begin already now!