by environment-doctor Obermedizinalrat Dr. med. univ. Ferdinand SILBERBAUER

How environment-friendly could be trucks?

In this report the urgent necessity is shown, to change trucks so, that they for all other traffic-participators become more bearable.

As motorists we experience again and again the following situation: it is summer and very hot. I am on a winding, narrow street. Before me a long-distance-vice, that with his dirty exhausts pollutes the air. I close the car-windows and the fresh-air-influx of the ventilation to must not inhale the stench. During this time the sun heats my car merciless on, because I don't have any air-conditioning.

In such a situation many motorists have already through-turned and paid a risky passing-manoeuvre with the life. Often was then the speech of pointless fury, for other causes nobody has looked.

Fortunately in the last years came cars with turbo-diesel-engine and catalyst on the market. They are in action nimble and thrifty and don't stink or almost not longer. Someone can drive behind them for along time, without becoming bothered by bad smell.

This beneficial principle must be transferred in my opinion on all lorries, because, what functions in all motor cars, must be also possible at each average or big truck!

Has one begun already with the production of whisper-trucks, so should also be done the second important step, which in the street-traffic becomes to be an unbelievable facilitation: trucks with turbodiesel motors, catalysts and fine-dust-filter!